DIY Laundry Fragrance Crystals

I like fragrance…. A-LOT. So, is it really any surprise that I try to get my clean laundry to have a fabulous long-lasting scent? No. I have always tried to accomplish this by purchasing the scent crystals available at the store by Purex or Downy. But every time I run out and have to buy more, I suffer from serious sticker shock. I mean, seven to eight dollars isn’t a whole lot in the big scheme of things, but just to make my laundry smell extra pretty?…. yeah, that’s a lot. So I came up with this solution to save a quick buck.

It came to me while I was soaking my feet in some warm Epsom salt water. While I was preparing this salt water solution, it suddenly struck me how similar in texture the Epsom salt was to the Purex fragrance crystals I was currently using in my laundry. (This fateful day was laundry day in case you couldn’t tell.) So after enjoying a nice long soothing foot soak, I grabbed the Epsom salt along with some fragrance oil I had lying around and headed into the kitchen to make a quick test batch before my next load of laundry. How did the DIY version fare?? SUCCESS! My laundry smelled great and the fragrance had the same staying power as noted in some of the comparable store-bought products.

This stuff takes literally five minutes to make and I figure I can make pounds and pounds of my DIY fragrance crystals for the same price I would pay when purchasing a small amount at the store. Best of all, I know what is in the mixture – just fragrance oil and Epsom salt. Now, if artificial fragrance oils weirds you out, you can always use a pure essential oil to control exactly what is going into your laundry – in particular for those of you who have sensitive skin.

Ingredients needed: Epsom Salt, Fragrance or Essential Oil

Here is the process: Use 3/4 – 1 teaspoon fragrance oil to 1 Cup of Epsom salt. Be sure to mix them together thoroughly so that the fragrance is evenly dispersed. Again, I repeat, mix it absolutely thoroughly and work any lumps out so that the crystals are easy to work with when doing laundry.

You can pre measure all of the Epsom salt you would like to make, then mix in the appropriate amount of fragrance. Or, you can make it and mix it cup-by-cup. Do whatever you are comfortable with as both ways are absolutely acceptable. Store in any glass jar or pretty container you’d like, as long as it has a lid to keep the fabulous fragrance from fading .

To use in laundry: Use 1 Tablespoon in small loads, 2 Tablespoons in medium loads, and 3 Tablespoons in large loads.

Really, now I have beautifully fragranced linens and clothes without the heavy cost of additional laundry products so give this method a shot if you love fragrance as much as I do!!

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  1. LOVE! How fabulous! I’m definitely going to try this. The stuff in the supermarkets is rather expensive as well as a lot of chemicals in them. Thanks for sharing! x

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