Fruit Fly Trap

It is inevitable. I always have at least one bout of fruit flies a year. Actually, if I’m completely honest, I have quite a few. Whether I am battling one fruit fly or twenty-five, this Fruit Fly Trap works amazingly well every time I utilize it.

I can’t remember exactly where I heard about this fruit fly trap, but I was absolutely amazed the first time I tried it. It is exquisitely simple and requires the most basic ingredients. The best thing about this trap? It is completely natural! There aren’t any noxious fumes or unwanted chemicals that linger like with most commercially available products. The ingredients are simple: Apple Cider Vinegar, small glass container (drinking glass is fine,) pen or mechanical pencil.

Pour approximately 1 – 2 inches of vinegar into glass. Cover with plastic wrap. Make sure that the plastic is absolutely smooth and tight with no sagging. You can place a rubber band around the plastic wrap for added security of the plastic wrap, but you shouldn’t need it if you are using glass, the plastic wrap will simply stick securely to the glass itself.

Take the pen and poke anywhere from two to five holes in the plastic wrap. I had a little visitor as soon as I punched the first hole…. see him?

Leave the trap on the counter where the most fruit flies are hanging around. They are attracted to the vinegar and when they enter inside the plastic wrap to get to the vinegar they can’t get back out. Little buggers. Those pesky fruit flies are usually gone within a matter of days!!

2 thoughts on “Fruit Fly Trap

  1. The phrase “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar” is not true! Great tip – I wish I had known this when I worked in a bar during my college years.

    • OMG!! That phrase for a title was staring me right in the face and I didn’t use it!! ugh!! And I say that all the time – I hate being dumb. LOL. IT really is crazy how well this works – so now you know 🙂

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