Delightful Italian Soda


Hello, hello, hello!! I apologize for not having posted for such a long time, I was on vacation in New England. It was a welcome break filled with relaxation and all the lobster I could eat… fabulous.

Well now that I am back, let’s get on to the subject at hand shall we? It has been so hot this month, and I have started making italian sodas, a long forgotten favorite of mine, to help me stay cool and level headed in the midst of this summer heat. Italian soda is a refreshingly fruity, richly creamy treat to help keep you well hydrated and kick that mid-day sweet craving at the same time. They are very simple to make and take, which makes them ideal for running errands or taking to work. Use sugar-free flavoring syrup and omit the cream for an ultra low-calorie drink – always a plus in my book; I hate drinking my calories.

Supplies you will need are: club soda or sparkling mineral water- either one will work, flavoring syrup, half & half, whole cream, or canned milk. Whole cream is amazing, but I rarely use it – except on special occasions when I can justify the extra fattiness. My preferred method is to use canned milk because when using sugar-free syrup, sometimes the half & half will get a strange texture, almost like curdling. I have no idea why this happens, and have no idea how to stop it, so I just substitute canned milk. Canned milk doesn’t funkify, and it adds a rich flavor and creaminess that the half & half is lacking – closer to the flavor of whole cream. Oh how I love canned milk…

Process? Easy… Pour one ounce flavoring syrup for every 8 oz of club soda or sparkling water. Flavor to taste if you prefer yours more flavorful. Leave plain and enjoy without the cream, or add 1-2 oz of cream or canned milk. When serving it is fun to serve with the cream unmixed and sitting on top (easier to do with whole cream) or if it won’t sit on top, just unmixed so you can see the color differential.

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