Later Alligator!! DIY Sugar Scrub


I have been thoroughly enjoying using my pumice stone to scrub away dry and rough skin lately, but I was reminded of how much I miss using a sugar scrub the other day while I was shopping. There was a hand washing station with some sugar scrub at this fabulous little boutique I often visit. My hands were a little tired and rough from a long day of working in the house, so I decided to make use of the scrub and lotion testers. From the moment the rough, sugary, sweet scrub hit my skin, I was transported back to the days I used a sugar scrub on my body regularly. I could feel the baby soft skin that once encapsulated my body, and I just had one question for myself – “why did I ever stop making sugar scrub?” Well, of course the answer was the inevitable laziness, but I decided that I would give my DIY body scrubs another shot.

DIY body scrubs are tremendously inexpensive and exceedingly simple to do at home. All you need is a container, sugar (brown or white) and some oil. Which type of oil to be used is a matter of great debate. I use mineral oil, but some people have an aversion to that oil, so without getting into the pros and cons of the different oils, olive oil also works fabulously. However, olive oil will go rancid much more quickly than mineral oil, so make smaller batches and be sure to test for rancidity often when using it.

The process of making the perfect scrub is more art than science, so I will not give a specific recipe per se. Yes, I recognize that there are many recipes out there online, but we all have a different idea of what a perfect scrub is; some like more oil, some less, etc. When using a set recipe, one will inevitably have to tweak it to get it just right, which may include starting over (that’s what happened my first time following a recipe.) So instead, I will share how I like to make my sugar scrubs – work in  ratios. I usually end up with my ratio being anywhere from 4:1 to 3:1, sugar to oil. Having a lot of oil in your scrub isn’t any more beneficial to your skin than having minimal oil; your skin will benefit equally. I like mine on the drier side. But either way start with 1/4 oil to sugar ratio and work up from there to get ‘your’ perfect consistency. Also, adding fragrance oil and dried flowers is another way to create a very custom scrub that would cost an arm and a leg in a specialty boutique.

I will walk through the process with you…

Get container to hold scrub. Measure sugar to fill container; this container holds two cups of sugar. I  obviously used half white sugar and half brown, but feel free to use either fully. Based on the sugar content, measure oil. I started with 1/2 cup oil, and added approximately another tablespoon. Add fragrance oil with other additives and mix thoroughly. I used lavender and vanilla fragrance oil with a bit of honey and lavender buds. If you don’t have any fragrance oil, worry not, this sugar scrub smells just slightly sweet and is quite lovely on its own. Honey is a great additive, it is naturally antibacterial and fungal resistant, as well as a great humectant (drawing moisture to your skin.) As you can see I have a moist consistency, but nothing too oily…. just perfect. It should clump together a bit like very moist sand, not wet sludge.


Once everything is mixed together, your scrub is ready to exfoliate away that alligator skin and reveal soft, glowing skin that will make everyone wonder what your secret is. I know that sounds super cheesy, but it is true!


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