DIY Pedicure

Well girls, it’s that time of year again… sandal time! It’s time to get rid of our icky winter feet and put our pretty pedicured summer feet forward. This tutorial will help you get salon perfect toes at home on your own time. I love DIY pedicures because you have the benefit of not having to worry who the tools were used on last (eeeww) and it saves tons of money. Also, it is possible to get the exact same products that your favorite salon uses for their pedicures. If this is important to you, simply ask your pedicurist which product line they use. As for me, I use the pedicure product line that is carried at Sally’s Beauty Supply. I purchased these pedicure products shown here a couple of years ago and I still have about one-third of the product left. Obviously, the product lasts quite a long time. Also, I must say, I really do love these products. I get just as good of a result utilizing these inexpensive products as I have had at any high end salon or spa.

The items that are absolutely necessary for a proper home pedicure are: foot soak, foot scrub, foot mask, heel treatment lotion, regular foot lotion, emery boards, cuticle or orange sticks, pumice stone – ‘ped egg’ – or any other type of callus remover, nail polish, a high quality top coat, and of course, a towel.


Step one: Fill sink, tub, or any other large container with very warm water. Add foot soak. Soak feet for ten minutes. A rule of thumb for the pedicure process – always leave one foot in water while working on the other.


Trim nails, file, and push back cuticles; cut cuticles with cuticle scissors if necessary. I love to use this strange little tool shown in the third picture. I have no idea what it is called, but it is a miracle worker. It removes cuticles or excess skin that is stuck to the nail by scraping it off. Seriously, amazing tool. I got mine in some super cheapo little manicure packet.  You know, the ones that people give you as a gift when they don’t like you? Yeah, well if you want one just keep your eyes peeled, I see them all over the place. After finished trimming and pushing, let feet soak for five minutes.


Now it’s time to exfoliate. I like to pumice my heels and other rough spots both before and after I use the foot scrub. However, you may choose to pumice/callus remove either before or after the exfoliation process. Completely your choice. It does not make a difference either way. After removing rough spots on feet, use foot scrub over every inch of your feet and about half way up the calves. After exfoliating, soak feet for five to ten more minutes.


The next step is the foot mask. Be sure to remove all traces of scrub from feet before moving onto the mask stage. Remove feet from water and dry completely. Spread mask over foot and half way up the calf. Wrap masked foot/feet in a towel and let sit for ten to fifteen minutes. Rinse well before moving to next step.


Remove feet from water and dry completely. Apply heel treatment to any rough spots on feet.  Then apply regular foot lotion all over feet and up legs. I choose to use heel treatment cream all over my feet instead of only spot treating with it; it is divine and makes my feet supremely soft!


Paint nails with three coats of nail polish followed by a top coat. I use three coats because I feel like three coats of polish makes toenails look particularly nice.

A before and after shot for your consideration – see what a difference a good at-home pedicure can make?


Well there you have it – How to get salon toes at home!! Happy pedicuring!!


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