DIY Hair Ties


I still remember the first time I saw these cute little hair ties. It was a couple of years ago and I had never seen this style of hair tie before. I loved them so much I had made up my mind the moment that I saw them that I was going to buy them, then I looked at the price tag…. $13 for hair bands!? Seriously? So I put them back down and walked away, very disappointed. Then, about a year ago a good friend of mine purchased these little cuties at a boutique when she was visiting her hometown. She paid $12.75 for five of them. After taking a closer look at hers, I realized just how simple these little babies would be to make. Yes, it has taken me this long to finally get around to making these.

First order of action was finding the supplies. I did a little bit of research on what type of elastic this style of hair tie was made out of, and found out it is called ‘fold-over elastic’. Then, I found a great supplier for this type of elastic online: This website sells fold-over elastic for .50 a yard. Quite a fabulous price considering one yard of elastic will make 3 hair ties. I purchased seventeen yards of elastic and paid a total of $12.87 including shipping. I made 51 hair ties with this amount of elastic. You heard correctly, 51 hair ties for the price of five!!

Gather your elastic. Measure and cut into 11″ strips.


Fold elastic strip in half and tie knot. Tighten knot toward end, allowing approximately 1 inch of elastic to hang out as the “tails.”


Cut the “tails” on an angle to finish the hair tie.


Below left is a comparison of the hair tie I made, and the retail one my friend lent me. Can you tell which is which? Mine is the bottom one… pretty darn close huh? Place finished hair ties on a blank notecard when gifting – your friends will love you forever.


Here is the finished product in action. Love it!! I will never buy pre made hair ties again.


Oh, one last note. I was out shopping this week and saw these hair ties in a boutique being sold for $3 each. I happened to be wearing one of my newly crafted beauties, so I whipped it out of my hair for comparison. I’m happy to report that I couldn’t tell a difference at all. 🙂




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