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I have finally jumped on the patterned nail polish bandwagon.

Patterned nails are a little wild and a little fun, but depending on the colors you pair together, they can look neat and vibrant, or very chic and polished (no pun intended.) I always thought that every time I saw patterned nails they were the pre-made press on nail polish thingies that Essie and Sally Hansen make for about ten bucks a pop. Boy was I wrong – it is nail stamping!

So I decided last week I would buy some nail stamping equipment and give it a whirl for myself. Well, the jury is still out as to whether or not I actually like nail stamping. It was time-consuming and a little complicated to make look decent. I actually had to do my nails twice because the first time I completely botched the job and  they didn’t look so hot. I usually get my nails painted perfectly and dried within half an hour, and it took me about an hour with stamping – just to give you an idea as to how long the process takes. Overall it is not outrageous, and I’m sure with time people become very quick at stamping and it hardly adds any time at all to their regular manicure routine.

The cost of this fun little nail adventure? Approximately $22, give or take a dollar or so. The stamp and scraper came as a package and was about $4, and the nail stamp plates were $18. The nail plate package came with 20 plates, each with five designs. I purchased both from Amazon.


I discovered that the designs with small delicate lines vs larger patterned edges gives a better stamp. However, again, this might be user error. I will see if this holds true over the next few weeks and get back to you.

Anyways, let’s get to the process shall we?

Gather your materials: Nail polish remover, lots of cotton swabs and cotton balls, nail stamp and scraper, nail stamp plate, and of course – nail polish.


Be sure to do this on some sort of protective surface, a place mat or a simple piece of paper over your work area will work just fine. Paint your nails with your base color, do the standard two coats or as many as it takes to reach desired color. Let dry until this base coat is dry to the touch. Paint nail polish directly onto stamp plate in desired pattern. Take scraper and lightly scrape away the excess polish from surface of stamp. Roll stamp over design on plate in a fluid motion. Roll stamp onto surface of nail. Repeat with as many nails as you want stamped.


Clean stamp between each stamping. I found the fastest way was to dip it in polish remover and rub off onto cotton ball. However, one could simply rub with cotton ball or swab wetted with polish remover.


Well, there you have it – nail stamping. I have seen absolutely beautiful results online, so don’t let my results scare you away from giving this a try. I will leave you with more pictures from different angles. I never realized how badly my hands photographed until this post – look at my little sausage fingers!!

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    • Thank you very much Kelly!! First time was a little goobery, but not too shabby after that. 🙂

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