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Antique door knobs are beautiful, so why should they be exiled to serve the simple function of opening our doors? They have another very practical use where their beauty is on full display, Door Knob Hooks. Use them in the bathroom for towels, in the front entry for coats, or in the kitchen as a cute apron hanger. Regardless of how you use them, their quirky good looks will have you searching for blank spaces on your wall to fill with these functional organizational pieces.

I completely stole this idea from a dear friend of mine (with her permission of course :).) Her name is Audrey and she runs a fabulous website selling all sorts of door knob decorative and functional pieces. Once I saw these little beauties in person, I had to make one for myself. So, if for any reason you would like to purchase one of these antique door knob hooks instead of make one, I suggest you head to her website and look at her beautiful pieces for sale.

I found the antique knobs and plates at a local antique store. The wooden pieces are salvaged bits of molding purchased from the same antique/salvage store as the knobs. I suggest looking at yard sales, salvage yards, and antique stores in your local area and you are bound to come across these items. Each knob was $2-$3, the plates were $3 and the wood molding was $2-$4 each. All in all I paid approximately $10 a piece, including the special screws and the hanging plates for the back. Not too shabby eh?

So here we go with the process. It took me about fifteen minutes per piece; they are super easy.

Gather materials: Wooden mounts, door knobs, door knob plates, Gorilla Glue, large screws, hanging plates for back, drill, drill bits, small screws for plate, and a socket wrench.


Note: You may need to take a knob with you to the hardware store to figure out what size screw you will need. That is what I did. The size of screw will be dependent on the knob, and size molding you are using.


Place knob plate on molding exactly where you want the finished product to be located and mark through the knob hole with pen. This is where you will drill the hole for the screw to attach to the knob. Drill hole with drill bit.


Then take the larger ‘teethy’ bit and drill approximately 1/4″ – 1/2″ deep into back of wooden molding. This will make it so the screw will fit flush with the back of the molding and not protrude, which would make it impossible to hang. Screw large screw through hole in back using a socket wrench.


Place knob plate over large screw so the screw is going through main hole in the knob plate. Use very small screws to screw knob plate onto molding.


Place a small amount of gorilla glue on the screw and screw door knob onto screw until it meets the knob plate


Now for this next step you have two options. If you are lucky enough to find door knobs with the original small little screws on the side of knob, then you can just tighten those tiny screws until the knob is tightly and securely affixed to the large screw inside. I demonstrated with a small screw I had on hand. I however, was not lucky enough to have knobs with these small screws still attached and couldn’t find any that would suffice, so after screwing the knob onto the screw, I just filled the small hole with Gorilla Glue.


Easy on the Gorilla Glue, remember it expands massively as it is drying, a little goes a long way. Let glue dry overnight. When Gorilla Glue is good and dry, hammer in hanging plate on back.


Seriously…  fifteen minutes to produce something as great as this – you just can’t beat that!!





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