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Well I have been making up my guest bedroom for a couple weeks now, and one of the things that I had the hardest time finding was a bedskirt. Yes, you heard me right, a bedskirt; who knew a nice bedskirt would be such a nightmare to acquire? I didn’t want just some plain ol’ straight bedskirt, I wanted one with some detail. Possibly an extra long ruffled one, they seem to be all the rage right now and I like the feminine casual look they lend to a bedroom. Anyway, I looked high and low for a nice, inexpensive bedskirt. Now inexpensive really is the keyword here, because I found a lot of bed skirts that would have done the job, but $80+ is just an asinine price for a bedskirt.

After a few weeks of serious hunting I had surrendered myself to the idea that I was just going to have to pay $100 dollars for a nice bedskirt, but I decided to take one last trip in search of the illusive cheap-o bedskirt. I was walking along the aisles of a big box retail store when a woman stopped and asked me if I needed help finding anything. I told her I was looking for a bedskirt. She pointed me in the right direction, but then said to me “why are you looking for a bedskirt?” I told her I needed a new one for my guest bedroom and her response was “no, I mean why are you buying a bedskirt? Don’t you know they are a waste of money?” I was intrigued “really how so?” I replied. “Just use a flat sheet that is the same size as your bed. That’s what I do.” Okay now, this is the point she lost me. I was thinking “yeah right you crazy old bag. That will be completely cheap looking, there is just no way in hell I will ever do that. Now just point me in the direction and I will be on my way.” So after we talked some more about the sheet idea she pointed me towards the bedskirt area so I could continue my search, undoubtedly laughing at me and my haste to waste my money.

But alas, when I got to the bedskirts I was unsuccessful at finding a decent one at this store as well. I went home, feeling hopeless, not knowing what I was going to do about this bedskirt predicament. After looking online for a while with no success, I heard the old lady’s voice ringing in my ears saying “Karaaaa, use a topsheet. Just give it a try, what’s the harm?” So I went to the linen closet grabbed a spare sheet and put it on the box spring. OMG… really? It looked great!! I couldn’t believe it. Really… I couldn’t believe it. I suppose I need to learn the ‘listen to your elders’ lesson again, because that woman was absolutely right – a spare flatsheet absolutely does the job. Now, I used a king sheet on a queen bed, (don’t ask why I had a king sheet when all I have in the house are queen beds) but, I actually like the slight ruffling effect it gives, but I am beyond positive that it would look just as nice with a same size sheet as well. I thought I would walk throught the process with you so that some of you may also be saved from wasting your money on bedskirts in the future as well. he he.

Lay your flat sheet out on your box spring and arrange it just how you want it to appear once the mattress is on top.


After it is arranged perfectly, pin it into place. I used straight pins, but you could use safety pins as well if that is what you have on hand. I place a pin about every foot or so.


Once it is pinned, place upper mattress on top and make bed as usual.


So, there you have it, a decent and free bedskirt. There are better ones out there, but really you can’t beat the price and I actually do like the look. Thank you little old lady whose name I do not know, for sharing this splendid old trick with us all. I know we (well I at the very least) will undoubtedly use it for years to come. Enjoy!!


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  1. What a great idea! At first I couldn’t picture what you were talking about, but it turned out really nice! Love all the white too… It’s becoming more homey! 🙂

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