No Glove, No Love — From the Sun Anyway!!

We take such painstaking measures to preserve our youthful appearance. Think about it, we slather on night creams, dye our hair, and undergo cosmetic procedures. And I’m willing to bet I’m not the only gal out there who wonders, pretty much on a daily basis, when and where the first traces of time are going to leave their cruel mark. And yet we always forget about our hands… I can’t remember where I heard it – but never mind that, I heard it none the less: If you want to know a woman’s true age look at her hands and her neck. What a clever saying, and oh how true it is. Why do we forget all about these areas in our daily beauty regimen?? I’m sure many of you know to care for your neck along with your face, but have you ever thought about your hands?? It is just so ironic; so many women spending so much money on products to delay the aging process, and yet completely neglecting their hands. Oh lovely little hands, the forgotten little tattletale of true age… we will take care of thee. My mother taught me early on about the importance of caring for my hands and protecting them from the sun. She taught me one fabulous little trick, one that I seriously never see any other women doing, and that makes me so sad… Do they not know about the many wonders of this one tiny little daily action? Do they not know their hands will be the ‘tell’ of their true age in the future?? Apparently they don’t. So I am here to expound on this delicious, often forgotten, old-fashioned secret.

Gloves. Glorious vintage gloves. I have a bit of a thing for vintage gloves, not only because they save my hands from the sun, but also because they make me feel so pretty and dainty. Maybe it’s just that not very common for women to wear gloves on a daily basis anymore, so when I do I just feel beautiful, almost like I’m still a little girl playing dress up. Yet the thing that I love the most about vintage gloves, is the practicality of them. Not only are they gorgeous and feminine, but as I have already implied, they will protect your hands from those dirty little liver spots that are so common as we age. These gorgeous little accessories are of particular importance while driving. Think about it, your hands take the bulk of the sun’s beating while in the car. So if you ever needed more inspiration or reason for wearing driving gloves, let not having old lady hands by the time you are forty-five be it. Seriously, get yourself a pretty pair of gloves. It’s like wearing pretty underwear, it just makes you feeeel pretty. I can be a total trainwreck (usually about 95 percent of the time) and as soon as I get into my car and slip on my gloves, I am a lady, a true lady of sophistication. ha ha… but seriously. Wear driving gloves. You will thank yourself in 20 years.

Where to buy them you ask? Well I thought I would share a story with you about my glove shopping experience yesterday.

I usually find my gloves at thrift stores, and estate sales. But the other day while doing my daily round on Craigslist, I thought “hhhmmmm… I wonder” I then typed in gloves in the clothing and accessories column and up popped this fabulous lot of gloves. Thirteen pair in all. This man’s aunt died and her gloves were left in her estate, of which I’m sure he inherited. He wanted forty dollars for them, but of course, me being me I had to low ball an offer. I mean it’s just the principle of the matter, they are used after all!! You should have seen the look on this man’s face… like he might pass out. Apparently he never got the memo that you are supposed to barter when it comes to Craigslist finds. Hellloo.  So we finally agreed on thirty-five, more than I wanted to pay, but not too shabby. It works out to be 2.70 per pair. I think I can live with that! I have posted some pictures of the fruits of this transaction. My favorite? The long pair of black leather, with the button detail. They really truly are the softest leather I think i have ever felt in my life. Now I just have to wait until next winter until I can wear them… I guess it is a good thing I have so many wonderful cotton pair that need wearing this summer!! So girls (and guys), treat your hands and yourself to a new pair of gloves this season; and always remember it’s the most simple anti-aging remedy out there!




6 thoughts on “No Glove, No Love — From the Sun Anyway!!

  1. I loved this!! This is such a good idea. I don’t take good care of my hands, and in the back of my mind, I have always known I would pay for it later. When I read “liver spots” I actually shuddered! Such a good idea, I am going to get on this.

  2. I seriously can’t pick out my favorite pair, because I love them all! Great advice, too. I should follow it more often!

  3. Those are such gorgeous gloves. You really got a good deal. I wear “sun sleeves” when I’m out and about to cover my hands and arms, I’ve bought them with that UV protection built into the fabric, but vintage gloves really would make me feel more feminine and less like a golfer. Thanks for the tip. 🙂

    • Thank you! omg… I freaking love sun sleeves. Who cares if you look like a golfer – I say rock the hell out of them!!

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