Champagne, France

As with most vacations, my husband and I started out not having any clue where we would be going or what we would be doing. I mean, we knew we would be flying in and out of Germany, with two weeks in between, but we had no clue what we would be doing or where we would going during that time. We never plan things out, that way we can choose things that sound like fun when we get there. Now, I realize this is a slightly unorthodox way to travel, and the first time we tried it I was so nervous I thought I was going to have a heart attack. But after our first experience with ‘no concrete plans’ travel, we have absolutely run with it and never looked back! It really is the best way to travel… You get to one destination that you thought you would love, you hate it, and you leave the next day. You go somewhere you have never even heard of, you love it, you stay the whole time. It really enables you to have complete power over the vacation when you travel with no real plans. Okay now a word of the wise – when trying this traveling method, be sure you have a reliable laptop with you and you are staying in hotels with wireless. This is absolutely essential for on the fly travel, this way you are able to plan your next destination and make arrangements when you are ready to leave.

This trip, our first stop was Champagne, France!! We all know that true champagne can only come from this specific region of France, or else it is simply sparkling white wine. French champagne truly is wonderful and is made even more delicious when sipped amongst the romantic atmosphere that the champagne region possesses. We toured small champagneries as well as large, very recognizable institutions. While in this region you can just get in the car and drive and you are bound to run into dozens of champagneries, most of which will allow you to come in for tastings and tour their facilities. Sometimes you will even be going into the champagne makers home for the tasting – That is one of the most charming aspects of touring the Champagne countryside. Although I must say, now that I have been to the motherland, I can honestly say I will most likely continue to purchase a sparkling white for most occasions, with the exception of special celebrations of course. But now, I have exposed my palate to the truest of  champagnes and will always have that for as a reference point.

This really is a great place to visit if you are a wine or champagne buff, and if you are not, it is a great place to perhaps become one!! I would recommend staying in Epernay, home to such well recognized champagne houses as Moet & Chandon and Perrier-Jouet, over the larger city of Reims which is also in the region. The other benefit in staying in a smaller town in the Champagne region is that your experience will be more quintessentially french, not just generic large european city. I now leave you with pictures of the Champagne region countryside as well as some of the Moet & Chandon champagne cellars.   Au Revoir!!



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