Ode to Wanderlust and a Dirty Little Shirley

Well my friends, I am off to explore the world for a couple of weeks. You see, I suffer from a rather common affliction known as wanderlust. I long to experience different cultures and foods and religious practices other than my own. I always feel a little more cognizant and tuned-in to my fellow humans after such a trip. Seeing how other people live really makes one appreciate their life and the truly respect the experiences of others. But, because I will be gone for two weeks to a foreign country, I will not be blogging during that time. Although, I will hopefully get all kinds of inspiration for new projects and come back with ambition to finish some of my stagnated ventures. So I ask you all to join me in a toast to broadening horizons and exploring new things. And of course I leave you with a delicious cocktail recipe so you may toast with your friends and family.

This cocktail is the Dirty Shirley. I love it. It brings back memories of going on daddy daughter dates with my dad. Every time we would go out to dinner he would get a cocktail or beer and I would order a Shirley Temple. I always felt so sophisticated and grown up, ha ha… it makes me giggle just thinking about how silly I was as a child. Nonetheless… This truly is a great cocktail, and I’m sure it will be a blast from the past for more than just myself. So hail to the old pink virgin cocktail, whose sweet cherry flavor we can now carry with us through adulthood.

Dirty Shirley Cocktail Recipe:

7UP or sprite



Maraschino Cherries for Garnish

As much or as little of all the ingredients to get it just to the way you like it. I make it with 1 oz vodka, 6 oz 7UP/Sprite, and a splash of Grenadine. I do like two or three cherries though!!


Watch out, this deceptively sweet cocktail has a tendency to pack quite a wallop!! And of course, you can always skip the vodka and make the original Shirley Temple if that’s more your speed. Cheers!!

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