Hats… Hats, Hats, Hats.

A few weeks ago my husband and I traveled to a mountain resort in the town of Hot Springs Virginia. At this resort, there is a dress code in the dining room for all meals of the day, including breakfast. For breakfast the requirements were khakis, collared shirts and absolutely NO jeans – essentially business casual. I cannot tell you how many people I witnessed prodding along into the dining room with jeans, but what I was truly astonished by was the baseball cap I saw a man stroll in wearing one morning. I noticed the head of the wait staff go over and ask him to take his cap off which he eventually did after being seated five minutes later, and leaving to the bathroom to fix his hair.

Does this seem reasonable to anybody else? Well it didn’t to me. I just thought of my grandfather, who would have removed his hat immediately, and smacked his son upside the head if he didn’t immediately take his hat off when asked by staff to do so. My grandfather still removes his hat anytime he enters a building, even if it is just a gas station. I mean, having to be asked to take your hat off in a dining establishment is a pretty big faux pas in my book.

Then the next week while out at a function that my husband’s employer was hosting, I look over and what do I see?? A man sitting at one of the dining tables in the restaurant with a hat on. This really got me thinking – When did we lose our sense of propriety when it comes to hats. What truly is the proper etiquette when wearing one, and why have we forgotten the little niceties associated with hats? Has it become acceptable to be completely uncouth and coarse when it comes to what were once common courtesies?? I think not.

So I looked up the modern hat etiquette rules from ‘Emily Post’ that I hope we will all benefit from.

Men need to take their hats OFF in these social circumstances: Introductions (indoors or out), At the table – any meal, Inside somebody’s house, Inside public buildings e.g. courthouse, library, post office etc., restaurants – even casual ones such as a coffee shop, theaters, and when the national anthem is being played.

Men’s Hats can remain on at the airport, outdoors, athletic events, public transportation, and inside lobbies.

Now girls, we have a bit more leeway, hallelujah, but we still need to be aware of proper etiquette when we don an adorable cap. If the hat is not a baseball hat, then we have no obligation to ever remove it. Unless of course common sense dictates it (blocking someones view in a theater etc.) But other than that keep those cute noggin covers on. However, when the hat is a baseball hat – all the same rules apply that apply to men.

So there you have it! A quick etiquette guide to wearing hats in our modern, casual society. Because there really is no excuse for bad manners 🙂


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  1. it’s so true. ladies can wear hats becuase they are considered part of her outfit (as long as it isn’t a baseball cap). I have seen men wear baseball caps to formal weddings. WTF? It’s the coarsening of our culture. I think that resort sounds lovely!

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