Dropcloth Curtains

I know, I know, dropcloth curtains have been done to death. But they really do give you great bang for your buck, and I love the linen-y look they have. My one complaint is that they can sometimes have a cheap prefab look to them. Not always mind you, I have seen some incredible examples of dropcloth curtains in the past, but occasionally they do have that look – in particular when they have no body or volume to them. However,  I have figured out how to get a very high-end expensive linen curtain look with dropcloths and no sewing… yay!! Almost everything I read online in regards to DIY dropcloth curtains said to wash them first – I didn’t wash mine. Yes, they do have a kinda funky smell to them initially, but that smell goes away in a couple of days. Anyways, when dropcloths are washed it gives the fabric more slack so they don’t fluff up as well. So, if indeed you do decide to wash them first, just be sure to starch the crap out of them after. By skipping the washing, or starching them after washing, you are able to fluff the curtains to give them a thicker appearance with more body. The other trick – Use two dropcloths for each panel. Each dropcloth is fabulously inexpensive, so purchasing two for each panel you need is still less expensive than buying cheap curtain panels. I got my dropcloths from Lowes. They were the least expensive ones they had, 6×9 and came in around $10 a pop. One other thing that you will need is curtain clips. I got mine for #5 per 10 at Tuesday Morning. I used 15 clips per dropcloth, but you could easily use 12, possibly even 10. I wouldn’t use any less than that though, for obvious reasons.


I love these curtains so much, and they are every bit as beautiful as expensive custom linen curtains I am seeing everywhere right now. And every time I see those expensive curtains in a magazine or anywhere else, I have a little giggle to myself and smile at the fact that I was able to create the same exact look for so much less. So to recap the process: purchase dropcloths – two per panel, purchase drapery clips, iron dropcloths, and last but not least – hang your gorgeous new curtains!! So easy!!


5 thoughts on “Dropcloth Curtains

  1. I am not fully understanding two per panel. Please elaborate. Are you just putting them together (and not sewing) one in front of the other, and hanging them by the drapery clips?

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Brittany! Yes, that is exactly what I am doing… no sewing involved. One in front of the other and both hanging by drapery clips. You can’t see where they come together, so why sew when we don’t have to right? Easy peasy 🙂

  2. I’m with Brittany. Don’t quite understand. Did you cut your original panel in half then hang both pieces on top of each other? Or did you just fold in half and clip them up? I love the finished look and I am planing to design mines this weekend.

  3. Very smart! I love the idea of not washing them first. I hate the idea of wasting water and the extra work. Thanks for posting this! You rock…and so do your curtains!

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