Africans… Violets that is.

You may think African Violets are so ‘old lady’ – nay nay I say… nay nay. They are simple and classic, and I’m not quite sure why people have lost interest in them. So, I am here to profess my love for the forgotten beauty of yore, and convince you all to give them a shot. Before I became an avid african violet grower, I had always heard about the difficulty of growing them. There are all kinds of special pots, soils, and fertilizers which all seem to reinforce the idea that they are quite finicky little fusspots. Well let me just tell you, african violets are indeed some of the easiest plants I have ever had the joy of growing. And… they give the feel of fresh flowers in the house all year long! I absolutely adore them, as any visitor to my house can attest. I have them everywhere; indeed, I think I have at least one in every room. Here are my growing secrets, I warn you – they are very, very difficult, so prepare yourself…

Gather your materials: African violets, new pots, and some potting soil. Don’t you love these cute ass little pots? They were cheap cheap! Oh, I have noticed that my violets tend to do better in glazed or glass pots, where the water doesn’t evaporate as quickly as, say, terracotta. Also, notice it is just average, run of the mill potting soil – No need to buy the overpriced crap. I’m sure an African Violet expert will disagree with me, but I have been growing violets for yeeaarrss this way with absolutely no problems at all. Then just re-pot like any usual houseplant.

And voila!! A newly re-potted little violet. I place my violets in east, north, and west facing windows and water them when they are dry to the touch. Give them a really deep watering too. Fertilize occasionally with a houseplant fertilizer. Again, you can buy the special violet fertilizer… But I’m willing to bet that most basic houseplant fertilizers will have violets listed on the back of their label!! They will love you forever and bloom continuously. So, next time you get the itch to buy yourself a bouquet of fresh flowers, forego the expensive cut bunch. Purchase a simple, often overlooked gem of a flower, which will always look fresh and liven up any space. Happy Growing!!




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